I totally agree to this saying that people who smell good are more attractive.. Do you?
If you remember, 
I'd been talking about how much I love @melix_malaysia shampoo for my daily routine! 
And recently I'm obsessed with the smells of my new @debalets perfume shampoo & conditioner that last for 24 hours.
I'd use Melix on daily basis and go for deBalets on special occassions, 
especially when I'm on a date😜 (p/s smells like Ms.Dior 😍) 
Not only smells good, it helps to hydrate and moisturise my hair so it won't be dry and frizzy.
Twice a week I use the deTangling Caviar Hair Mask to add extra moisture and shine to my hair as I often use hot curler to style my hair! 
With its luxurious ingredients, I can see the smoothness stays on my hair for 2 days long 
and yes, I love the silky touch every time after using Hair Mask🥰
Check @debalets perfume haircare out!
>> https://bit.ly/3mEv8GE
Talk to their customer service to find out which product suits you best!
>> https://bit.ly/35aQ3Jd
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Original Post taken from Sammy IG Posting:  https://bit.ly/3qAcVLp