Extraordinary and fresh, young and pure. Enjoy a short break travel and reading during leisure time and loves to capture every single memory. Immerse in the natural flora and leaves the hair with unforgettable blissful scent along the path.
de Balets is inspired by a French Paris girl, who enjoys the flower in the garden. She loves to pick a stalk of her favorite gypsophila paniculate flower, which is also known as the baby’s breath, to put on her hair. She resembles Bella, starred by Emma Watson, in the movie Beauty and the Beast, admiring the last petal of rose. Pure and clean like a new born baby, touches your heart with every move and breath.
The baby’s breath represents authentic, virtuous, pure and clean. That is why we decided to add it into our products. Mixing with famous perfume like Jo Malone, Miss Dior, Victoria’s Secret, as our Sebum Control Shampoo, Moisturizing Shampoo, and Hair Conditioner.
Everyone who uses de Balets can smell and sense of her true self, just like the baby’s breath.
------------------ de Balets Paris delighting you with PERFUMES. ------------------