Here comes Summer!!My hair gets oil immediately while stay outside. So I used new shampoo and was expected to get rid of the greasy scalp. After using for a month, I’m sharing this amazing perfume shampoo to you!

『De Balets小巴黎香水洗发精』

De Balets perfume shampoo

Super suitable to GIRLS!!Even the appearance of it is lovely like a little vase.

The most incredible of this shampoo is fragrance.

It's same as boutique perfume.

The scent can also last for 24hr~~

(let me whisper in you ear that I did not wash my hair next day but fragrant still existed, haha)

我挑选的是控油款,香味是jo malone的英国梨与小苍兰(也有保湿款不同味道)
特别喜欢护发素的味道(是victoria’s secrets的passionate kisses)有种香甜的莓果味🍒
The shampoo I bought is for sebum controlling.

Its fragrance is same as Jo Malone's English Pear

(There is also a Moisturizing shampoo with different fragrance)

I'm satisfied to its effect of sebum controlling.

After washing with it, I can feel my scalp really clean and refreshing.

I especially love the scent of the conditioner.

(It's basic on Victoria's Secrets Passionate Kisses)

It smells kind of fruity.

De Balets' shampoo got 3x Moisturizing and Bouncy~

And its ingredient is botanical extract!


If you're lazy to wear perfume,

but still want to keep fragrant.

I really recommand you this shampoo!

It's SUPER FRAGRANT for real☺


LiuJia found out THREE MUST-BUYING reasons of de Balets ❣ ❣

琉佳发现小巴黎香水洗发精的⓷大必买特点❣ ❣





Hi, everyone. I’m LiuJia

I’m here to share a shampoo which is my favor in recent.

De Balets Perfume Shampoo

这瓶是小绿 是控油洗精


Greeny is sebum controlling shampoo.

Little White is hair conditioner.


第一:头皮和头发都得到深层洁净 感觉非常轻盈飘逸

第二:头发光泽感 UP


Three must-buying reasons of de balets I found after using it.

1st: Both of my scalp and hair get deep cleansing. I feel light and elegant.

2nd:Brightness of my hair UP.

3rd:My hair can spread attractive fragrance all-day-long.






🌸🌸太香了🌸 🌸


Let’s check it out my scalp and hair just washed.

Doesn’t my hair look so smooth and shiny?

Take a look of my glossy hair.

The point is my hair won’t get tied.

And the scent is SO FRAGRANT.

The scent can hold for 24hrs.



这瓶小绿含有大牌香水Jo Malone的English Pear的香味🍐







含有大牌香水味Victoria’s Secret Passionate Kisses

满满的果香气息🍎 🍒

I think you all know that I’m addictive to perfume.

That’s why I admired de Balets so much.

Greeny contains the scent of English Pear as Jo Malone does.

Its texture is transparent.

You can wash your hair with it twice for each time.

First round is to wash off the dust and dirt on your hair.

Second round is deeper cleansing to your scalp.

Little White goes on after shampoo, putting it on ends of hair.

The conditioner’s texture is milky and got the same scent of Miss Dior.

Smells full of fruity scent.


妳看它的包装是不是非常可爱 非常少女心呢💟

Plus, both shampoo and conditioner are free to SLES and dimethicone.

Aren’t their covers design so lovely and like take you back in puberty.




Hope you guys like today’s recommendation about de Balets’ perfume shampoo and conditioner.

Let us be fragrance from beginning to end together.




✨激推✨de Balets小巴黎香水洗发精提升妳的回头率!



Tan mi is a sale, so she cares about appearance.

This time, de Balets takes care the detail for her and makes

she really love it.




好险遇到小巴黎,用对洗发精后这些问题都轻松解决了。👌 👌

In such a hot and stuffy weather, women are all worried about others smell the scent of greasy scalp.

Furthermore, I like to get my hair a perm or dye.

My scalp became sensitive.

It’s wonderful to meet de Balets that solve all the problems easily.

甜蜜的头发是比较干涩、毛躁的发质,所以就选择使用另外添加了保湿因子、椰油精华的香水保湿洗发精,洗完后补充水分并恢复光泽✨ ✨,也能修护我又染又烫的受损发质。

Tan mi’s hair is dry and frizzy, so I took the Pinky shampoo which contains coconut oil essence and other moisturizing factor. After washing it my hair become smooth and bright.


When you press Pinky out there’s something look like impurity, but don’t be misunderstanding it. It’s Canadian Willowherb concentrates, which is used to sterilize and diminish inflammation scalp. You’ll feel a little cool when washin it. The scent can keep for a long time. Plus, all the products of de Balets are free to harmful ingredient, so it’s safe to use.


我的发质如果只洗头不护发会很可怕,de Balets的香水护发素天加荷荷巴油、山茶花籽油适合所有发质使用,滋润度很高还能修护受损发质,味道也很好闻,使用几天头发真的顺到一个不行。🌹 🌹

I have to do the hair condition every time I washed my hair. De Balets’ perfume conditioner contains jojoba oil and camellia oil which is suitable to any kind of hair. The scent is same as Victoria’s Secret Passionate Kisses. After few days using my hair become SUPER SILKY.


My friend visit me and smelled the scent, so I recommended de Balets to her immediately. She has fall in love with it when she saw the bottle as I did. Let’s be angels make all the passersby turnover. ❤



Hair Conditioner made my hair become super silky immediately!!!🎀🎀🎀

Hello everyone. I’m NaNa.❤

The shampoo I’ve been using is De Balets Shampoo.✨✨

I’ve been washing with them for a while.

And I’m really satisfied with the fragrance of my hair now.

De Balets makes hair silky, refreshing and fragrant.🌸

After washing De Balets, I don’t need perfume.

🌸Flick hair just little can smell a lot of scent.🌸

Shampoo’s fragrance is same as Jo Malone English Pear.🌿

I washed my hair last night but still super fragrant.

Its texture is transparent.

But like I said, its sebum controlling is also great.

My scalp used to getting super greasy after 24hr.

But De Balets solved my problems.

Shampoo is condense. So you only need a bump to wash long hair.

It washes off the dust and dirt for the first time.

That’s why the foam is less.

To scalp, it’s real cleansing when washing second time.

So your hands will fulfilled by foam.🖐

Here’s the Conditioner.

Like Shampoo, The Conditioner is free to Paraben and SLES as well.

Its texture is milky.

I was surprised by it’s effect.

Because it made my hair silky in a second.

I can comb hair smoothly after just put it on ends of hair.

Not like other products, The Conditioner is not oil but smooth , and super fragrant.🌸🌸🌸

There’s a thoughtful design on header called stop and open which is to make sure it won’t squeeze out while carrying them on traveling.

Try De Balets and I assure you’ll love it.❣❣❣





👃The scent of hair is one of essentials to be a gorgeous woman.💕


Mina Mom has washed De Balets Shampoo. Let's see how she feels about it!



To become a elegant woman, it’s important to keep hair clean and fragrant all the time.

De Balets小巴黎 控油洗髮精+護髮素

De Balets Sebum Control Shampoo + Conditioner


These are made in Taiwan and M’sia collaboration.

The scent is allocated as perfume of luxury brands.💎💎


You’ll feel like wearing fancy perfume as washing hair.💓


De Balets does communicate its spirit by the design of the products.


It’s Cover is very pretty, and makes me feel like standing in a refreshing and beauty garden.


It’s easy to bring De Balets out due to the special design of the lotion pump.

Turn it to right direction is to close, and left to open.


The bottle is so pretty that I won’t abandon it after being used up.


I wash my hair with its Sebum Control Shampoo.

它的香味是同Jo Malone的英國梨和小蒼蘭🌿


The scent of this one is same as Jo Malone’s English Pear.🌿

And as a boutique perfume, the scent got top note, heart note and base note.



It’s transparent and has no silicones, mineral oil, SLES, Paraben, artificial colorings.


Just give massage your scalp lightly, you’ll feel refreshing soon.

It’s just like doing a SPA on my scalp.

It’s an enjoyment to wash hair with De Balets in hot weather.💐


And then use the conditioner to improve my baby hair.

護髮素的香味可是和「維多利亞的秘密」的Passionate Kisses一樣哦!


The scent of the conditioner is same as Victoria’s Secrets Passionate Kisses.

It’s fitting to every kind of hair.



The conditioner is like lotion.

Wash it out after leaving it on washed hair for 3 minutes.

My dry and stuck hair turn into smooth and silky.✨✨


It can fix damaged hair and enhance it at the same time.



De Balets solved my hair’s problem of dry and frizzy and turn it into light and bouncy.✨


The scent smells aromatic at the begin, but after washing it will become fresh and charm.

I’m in a good mood by smelling fragrance of my hair.💗



Best Sebum Control Shampoo help in promoting hair grow


















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