Love is in the hair😍..
My hair smells soooo good❤ The french fruity scent is floating around my hair for 24 hours after using @debalets perfume shampoo! It smells like I'm wearing perfume, but it's just the shampoo, and the fragrance is surprisingly similar to Prada Candy.
It doesn't only smell good, but also soothes my scalp so well and help me to get rid of itchiness and dandruff on the scalp~ Keep my scalp refreshing and my hair fluffy for all day long!
Plus, it becomes smoother with Debalets perfume conditioner.
I love their hair mask the most, it uses the caviar as one of the ingredients to replenish my hair and scalp. I use it around twice a week and the smoothness can be remained for 48 hours~
No more bad hair day with deBalets!
Nicely-smelling hair:
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