Amongst our five senses, smell is one of our strongest senses. Do you know why is that so? Olfaction, another term for smell, is distinctive because the sense is directly linked to our brain. With it being captivated by our brain, we remember scents longer, in general 🌸.

This is exactly why I fell in love with the fragrance of @debalets haircare❤️.
Their fascinating fragrance is so similar to some branded perfumes out there.
Plus, it lasts all day on my hair!

Recently, this hair mask is one of my favourite haircare products, as it really gets rid of all the frizziness on my hair!

I usually use it a day before important dates, so that my hair smells good and looks pretty.

So why not join me and give this scented perfume shampoo a try!@DeBalets gives your hair an absolute freshness along with the long lasting scent, which allows you to leave a stronger impression on others!

Check them out:
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