Have you tried using perfume hair care or body care?
It actually helps to create long lasting scents and smells good throughout the day!




Pamper my hair lately with de Balets' natural goodness, not only known for its nice
fragrance but also the natural plant extracts in it. I have been using their shampoo,
conditioner and shower gel for some time now and I like its moisturizing texture. 


 De Balets Sebum Control Perfume Shampoo (Freesia)
De Balets Sebum Control Perfume Shampoo cleanses scalp and hair, removes oil
and regulates sebum secretion mild, keeping the scalp refreshing with 8 kinds of
plant extracts, such as Coltsfoot Leaf, Horse Chestnut Seed Oil, Sage Leaf Oil and
Rosemary Leaf. It helps to soothe, calm sensitive scalp, leaving hair light and fluffy.


It has a transparent gel base texture with a nice refreshing scent of 
Freesia and English Pear that is so similar to Jo Malone English Pear. 
Using baby's-breath as base, it gives up to 2 times of cleansing effect.
I like how it gives long lasting fragrance with double cleansing formulation.
It just feels like having a spa while washing your hair!
Rinse the hair. Apply the shampoo on scalp and hair, and then rinse off.
You may repeat the step for double cleansing purpose.
 De Balets Hair Repairing Perfume Conditioner (Freesia)




De Balets Hair Repairing Perfume Conditioner smoothens, repairs and replenishes
moisture with Jojoba Seed Oil, Camelia Japonica Seed Oil and Ceramide III.
It helps to increase the strength of hair, repair damaged hair and rough ends. It also
enhances the suppleness, restores smooth and shininess of rough and frizzy hair.


It has a white creamy base texture and delicately nice scent.
The scent is exactly the same with Sebum Control Shampoo. 
I like it when I use them together and the lovely smell lasts longer!




After shampoo, apply the conditioner on hair,
leave on at least 30 seconds before rinsing off.
I like how it improves my hair condition, especially frizzy problems,
making it softer and smoother with its refreshing and non-greasy
texture all day long! Not forgetting its nice and refreshing floral aroma!
 De Balets Silk Petal Perfume Shower Gel (Blooming Spring)
perfume-like fragrance shower gel formulated with Hydrolyzed Collagen, the 
key ingredient, enhancing the regeneration of the collagen, and smoothening the skin.
It also contains Tokyo Sakura Extract which helps to soothe and brighten skin. This 
shower gel has a great moisturizing effect to help skin rejuvenate and repair dry skin.
It has a delicately floral scent and gel-like texture with
pink petals in it, enveloping the body in a fine lather.




Pour a little bit of Silk Petal Perfume Shower Gel on hand and rub until foaming.
Apply evenly on the body and rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.

Love how this fragrant bath and shower gel from de Balets leaves a gorgeous

scent to the skin! This shower gel smells really great and leaves my skin feeling
moisturized, soft and scented. I could smell the scent all through the day!


de Balets makes my shower time so delighting. 
Now the gorgeous scent of de Balets is in the air for all day!
Head over to their pages for more information! 
de Balets Official Website | https://bit.ly/3w5Q7oP
de Balets Instagram | https://bit.ly/3duoI7F
de Balets Facebook | https://bit.ly/3fzSnyX
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