Hi, I’m Diorlynn.

I take care of my scalp and hair with De Balets Perfume Shampoo.

My scalp used to be very dry.

But after I washed De Balets Moisturizing Shampoo, I truly fall in love with it. 💖

🌸3x Moisture

🌸3x water-holding

🌸3x bouncy

🌸24hr long-lasting fragrant

🌸Free to silicone, SLES, Paraben

It’s fragrance is kind of floral scent. 💐 💐

It smells very refreshing. 💐 💐

I have a crush on this Hair Repairing Conditioner while using it first time. 💖

The texture of conditioner is milky.

And its scent smells like candies but you won’t get sick of its sweet.🍒🍒🍒

The most important is that my frizzy hair became totally silky and brighten after using Hair Repairing Conditioner.

Sincerely, I recommend De Balets to you. ✨✨✨