Do you know the importance of choosing the right haircare for your hair? ❤ There are so many hair products out there, but not all of them suit your hair needs. I am lucky to stumble upon deBalets Perfume Haircare that allows my hair to become healthier and smells better than before. 
Just a quick intro of deBalets (小巴黎) — Co-founded in Taiwan and Malaysia, deBalets hair range is made by an OEM with over 30 years of experience. The ingredients used by deBalets are all botanical and natural, hence it is safe for even the most sensitive scalp.
The best part of deBalets? It adds various types of boutique brand perfume into the haircare. The fragrance exuded from the hair after using deBalets is just amazing, and it is as close as the original branded scent itself. 
Look at the feminine packaging of the products – so sweet and fashionable. 
No doubt it can be a fashion accessory and decoration in our bathroom. 
Sebum Control Shampoo (450ml) @ RM95.00
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To treat my oily, itchy scalp condition, I choose the Sebum Control Shampoo which has a similar scent to Jo Malone! Its herbal formula helps to effectively deep-cleanse and remove impurities from the scalp and hair, while balancing sebum secretion and adding volume to the hair.
How to use: 
❤ Apply on wet hair and scalp then rinse off. 
❤ Repeat the step for double cleansing purposes. 
Feel after use: I enjoy the refreshing and cooling sensation on the scalp, as if I have just gone for a hair spa treatment! It makes my hair feel "less burden" and more airy after use.
Scent: It is a pure enjoyment when washing the hair because the shampoo smells so good like Jo Malone. And the fragrance can last for 24 hours — so, better use this before going for a date ya 😛
Perfume Conditioner (Freesia) (450ml) @ RM95.00
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Given my hair condition that is constantly exposed to chemicals and heat, a good hair conditioner is my hair's best friend. de Balets Perfume Conditioner is something I need as it helps repair and replenish moisture, while restoring shine, moisture and smoothness of the hair.
How to use:
❤ Apply on cleansed, wet hair for at least 30 seconds before rinsing off.
Feel after use: My thick and frizzy hair is more manageable after using this for 2 weeks now. While it heals the dry ends, my hair feels like regaining its "life" once again. 
Scent: Freesia Perfume Conditioner exudes the same fragrance as Sebum Control Shampoo, which is similar to Jo Malone English Pear perfume! The English pear and freesia scent is so delighting and refreshing. Again, the fragrance is so long-lasting and it makes me feel good all day long. 
deTangling Caviar Hair Mask (for Thick & Stiff Hair) (150ml) @ RM80.00
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Specially for thick and stiff hair roots, it is a saviour to my dry and damaged hair. Free from heavy metal and other harmful ingredients, the luxurious caviar hair mask is designed to revive essential hydration and repair damaged hair keratin bonds, allowing the hair to restore its shiny, healthy and lustrous state.
How to use: 
❤ Apply on wet hair and cover with a hot towel / shower cap. Leave in for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off. 
❤ Use twice a week for maximum result.
Feel after use: Having healthy hair really makes me feel more beautiful, especially when it gives the hair up to 48 hours smoothness and better resistance to future damage. 
Scent: French fruity scent which is made from a cocktail of tangerine, milk, apple, rose and peach with an earthy base of sandalwood. 
Overall, deBalets is not your ordinary open-shelf brand.
It is a premium spa-grade haircare that is usually used in salons to pamper ourselves.
deBalets products are available online, and currently they ship to Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 
Enjoy FREE shipping in Malaysia for orders above RM99. 
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