About deBalets Perfume Shampoo
Our brand was co-founded in Taiwan and Malaysia.
The Ingredients of our shampoo are manufactured by an OEM with over 30 years of experience.
“The cleansing power of deBalets is terrific!” girls would say so after using.
It’s true! Because the shampoo is formulated with unique gypsophila.
There is nothing similar to it on the market. That’s what makes it special to girls.
One of the founders from Malaysia is successfully running an OEM.
She understands exactly what the consumers’ needs are.
This is why we insist on using natural ingredients.
Except for water, deBalets is almost entirely botanical and natural because of our desire to provide the highest quality product to you.
deBalets effects are Salon level which differ from other open-shelf brands.
The special advantage is that deBalets has also added an exquisite brand perfume to it.
The fragrance is made almost 1:1 to original one.
So that you can spend less money but still enjoy our special counter perfume.
Except for the ingredients, the consumers have commented that the packaging of the shampoo is “Girlish.”
Both as a fashion accessory and decoration in your bathroom.