Hi, everyone! I’m Editor S.🌸

Today I’m going to do a test, which will compare de Balets with the other brand.

Hi, I’m her assistant today.

I will devide her hair in two.✌

And wash the left side with De Balets.

The other side will be washed by the other brand.

And test which one’s ability of moisture is better in the end.

Hair washing time~💦

After few hours, I used the moisture detecting instrument for testing scalp of Editor S. 

So you can see the result is obvious!

De Balets moisturizing effect is up to 61% while the other is 43%.

So amazing! The testing results are so different between De Balets and other brand in just few hours.👍👍

👉Take a look of the product in video >>http://bit.ly/2JwwXU7



👉Take a look of the product in video >>http://bit.ly/2JwwXU7