Before this, I have never really been picky on the hair products when my hair was short. My objective was simple, removing the oil and dirt from my hair, other than that I find it is utterly unnecessary to whine about …
But ever since I grew my hair long, I realize it’s not growing the way I want it to be 😫, especially the part after my shoulder to the tip… since then I started to take notice of the shampoo n conditioner that I use
There are two things which have been warned by my hair stylist to avoid at all cost, Paraben, a preservative in shampoo which also seems to be a cancer agent; and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which produces lather but is rather harsh on the scalp, causing the hair color to fade and scalp irritation
@debalets is free of these two ingredients, which is exactly the type of hair product that my hair stylist would approve of…☺
Have I mentioned the classy perfume-like smell that comes with the shampoo and conditioner?💕
以前短发,我没有很care 护发产品,随便跟家人用同一款,求的是把头发清洗干净……
Paraben, 洗发水的防腐剂,致癌
Sodium lauryl sulphate, 起泡作用,破坏头皮,染发颜色和头发护理不持久