My sister asked me why my hair smelled so good.

I answered:It's because I wash hair with deBalets.

I have to participate many event and designers will make my hair style.

They usually use curling wand to perm my hair and after that my hair get frizzy and dry.

I was recommended for deBalets. After using it, my hair turns into shine and fluffy.

Plus, it's capable of smelling lightly fragrance.


Pinky(moisturizing shampoo) contains multiple plant extracts.

It can lock the water and moisturize for a long term.

deBalets products are same as perfume which is able to distinguish head, middle and base note.

If use conditioner at the same time, the fragrances won't be conflict with.

Despite, it spreads fragrance in different layer.

deBalets is free to Dimethicone.

Further more, the fragrance can be held to 24H. 

And it's condense so that can save for using.